With all the flooding are you thinking WATER CONSERVATION?

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With all the flooding are you thinking WATER CONSERVATION?

Record flooding…..

Record rainfall…….

So why would we be promoting WATER CONSERVATION?

We want you to think back to last summer when water restrictions were in place and in some areas total bans on any form of outdoor watering.  Now is the time to prepare and be pro-active in water conservation.

Are you educating your service team and customers to be mindful of how they can promote water conservation and strive for improved water efficiency in their daily use?

Do you design your irrigation to incorporate the latest in technology for improved water efficiency and conservation?

Do all of your installations and accounts have rain shut-off devices?  Have you updated old controllers to the SMART controllers?

This year we will continue to work with government and associations related to the efforts to monitor, regulate and improve the industry standards to be mindful of water conservation and the protection of our industry for years to come.   Watch for additional information and technical support in the coming months as we will post items of interest and ways that you can become involved in support of SMART IRRIGATION.

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For more information on ways to participate in SMART IRRIGATION MONTH ….click here



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